[video] Freedom of speech must be firmly protected

Freedom of speech must be firmly protected by the European Union On January 2, a series of protests erupted in Kazakhstan as a result of a sharp rise in gas prices, but also due to a long-term deterioration in living standards in a country that, although is rich in gas and crude oil, poverty and [...]

[video] European values must be defended

Serious allegations have been made against the Chinese tire company Linglong Tire in northern Serbia. The issue was the working conditions of 500 Vietnamese workers. Large-scale environmental protests have also been reported in Serbia recently. These appeared in the context of the hasty adoption of two laws. These are the law on referendums and popular [...]

[video] Strengthening democracy media freedom and pluralism in the EU

Brussels: Report on strengthening democracy media freedom and pluralism in the EU: improper use of actions under civil and criminal law to silence journalists, NGOs and civil society - Speech by MEP Renew Vlad Gheorghe (2021.11.11) I support this report - a community of European values ​​cannot exist without access to information and free expression. [...]

The interpellations sent by MEP Vlad Gheorghe

How do we make sure that the Romanian State does its job. Politicians need to be part of the solution to the problems that citizens face - whether we are talking about justice, the environment or financing the development of local communities. Moreover, within the limits of their legal powers, they have a duty to [...]

Renew Europe calls for a European Green Prosecutor

Renew Europe calls for a European Green Prosecutor in the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) headed by Laura Codruța Kövesi. Its role will be to combat environmental crime in all Member States. The Renew Europe Group supports the initiative of the USRPLUS MEPs and calls for the establishment of a European Green Prosecutor. At the [...]

Corruption threatens the future of the European Union

Assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the rule of law in Malta (debate) -  Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech on how corruption threatens the future of the European Union (25.03.2021). Corruption makes Member States and the entire Union more vulnerable. It is a constant threat to the rule of law and security, it has [...]

August 10th file – new appeal solution

USRPLUS MEP Vlad Gheorghe, victim of the gendarmes' aggression in the August 10th File, announces a new request addressed to DIICOT. Although last week Bucharest Tribunal issued a final decision, the MEP proposes in  August 10th File a new appeal. Lawyer by profession, Vlad Gheorghe urges the victims in the case to request DIICOT the [...]

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August 10th file decision – ECHR solution

MEP Vlad Gheorghe announces he is going to notify the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the august 10 case decision. Gheorghe says he is extremely disappointed about the ruling taken by Bucharest Tribunal to class the file regarding the way the Gendarmerie intervened against Romanian citizens, while they were protesting peacefully. In a [...]

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Strengthening the European arrest warrant

MEP Vlad Gheorghe announces that he is analyzing how several Romanians that have already received sentences in Romania managed to find their way out in Italy. Some of them have been discharged from criminal conviction. Others went in Italy knowing the legislation has permissive conditions for renditions. Strengthening the European Arrest Warrant ”The phenomenon is [...]

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European arrest warrant and judicial cooperation

European arrest warrant and surrender procedures between Member States (debate) - Renew Vlad Gheorghe's European Parliament speech on the European Arrest Warrant and Judicial Cooperation (18.01.2021). We have the situation of the famous Romanian convicts who found their escape in Italy. Some escaped from prison with execution, others took refuge there because they knew that [...]