USRPLUS MEP Vlad Gheorghe, victim of the gendarmes’ aggression in the August 10th File, announces a new request addressed to DIICOT.

Although last week Bucharest Tribunal issued a final decision, the MEP proposes in  August 10th File a new appeal. Lawyer by profession, Vlad Gheorghe urges the victims in the case to request DIICOT the dismissal order initially issued by the case prosecutor on 26.06.2020.

“The judge’s motivation mentions those procedural aspects that both I and other specialists in the field have reported in all these years since the August 10 case was walked between institutions. According to the legislation in force, any decision in the file must be communicated to the interested parties. That is, including all the more than 800 people who filed complaints because, like me, they suffered because of the actions of the Gendarmerie at the peaceful protest from over 3 years ago. Or this has not happened, as I have warned since 2020. Any victim who has not received, to whom the classification order has not been officially communicated, has this right. And after it is communicated, the victim has the right to make other requests according to the criminal procedure. To practically continue the case.”, says Vlad Gheorghe.

Dosarul 10 August - cerere la DIICOT

August 10 Case – Request for DIICOT

This is not the first time that MEP Vlad Gheorghe has publicly proposed legal action in the August 10th File.

He is one of the most active victims in this case. Gheorghe also registered a request for speeding up the trial, a request that is on the 9th postponement. At the same time, he started last week the steps for contesting at ECHR the solution of the Bucharest Tribunal. So far, more than 30 victims have joined him.

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