Strasbourg is calling! – Plenary Week

What would you do if you broke your leg? Well, it depends. MEP Gheorghe could not allow himself to miss the most important week in the European Parliament: the plenary and. Even more so in these troubled times, when the near future of the EU will be pointed out in the annual State of the Union speech. 

The State of the Union (SOTEU)– What’s next on the EU agenda?

This is an essential EU event taking place on an annual basis in September, where the institutions set future goals, discuss challenges and lay out the next year’s strategy. This is the time for the Members of the European Parliament to understand the Commission’s agenda, debate and suggest improvements.

This is not just a formality. This is how democracy is ensured. The Commission presents its strategy. The democratically elected members of the EU then can rightfully represent their electorate’s priorities and have a direct impact on the future proposals of the Commission.

Why is this important? Well, depending on the agreed agenda, member states and all citizens will know where the EU funding will go. So which are the main directions for the Union for the next year? Let’s look at the key points made by the Commission.   

Internal affairs:

  • Democracy, rule of law & human rights at the core of the decision-making. The EU will no longer tolerate corruption and a dysfunctional judicial system in its member states. Members, such as Hungary, who do not comply with EU values, will not receive funds.
  • Environment & Energy – The EU must continue delivering the goals of the European Green Deal. Especially now, facing the Russian aggressive energy war towards the Union, the EU must gain its energy independence, reform the energy market & focus on renewables
  • Climate change crisis – This summer has surprised the EU with incredibly high temperatures, severe wildfires and droughts. The EU must be better prepared for emergency situations
  • Economic governance – EU market needs to be safer, bigger and more stable. The European Commission acknowledges the record breaking inflation and will continue to protect EU’s worth

External affairs:

  • Accelerate accession of Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia & more support for the opposition in Belarus
  • Stand with Ukraine
  • Dismantle Putin’s disinformation and interference in the democratic process

Meetings & Activity 

Tuesday, 13 September – Meeting with Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius

MEP Vlad Gheorghe received another green light on his initiative the EU Green Prosecutor, a key tool to fight against environmental crimes

Wednesday, 14 September – Breakfast meeting with Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton 

Together with his colleagues from Renew Group, Vlad Gheorghe had a meeting with Commissioner Breton in order to discuss his newest proposal, the Single Market Emergency Instrument. This will ensure the well functioning of the EU market during times of uncertainty and crisis, such it was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thursday, 15 September – Meeting with Aluziva (Alina Greavu), founder of NGO Asociatia Aluziva fighting for social cases

Aluziva is a well-known Romanian influencer. She is also one of the public persona who joined since the first days of war the community UNIȚI PENTRU UCRAINA – Об’εднанi за Украiну – United for Ukraine, group founded by Renew MEP Vlad Gheorghe (cca 300.000 members). Aluziva together with her friends and her NGO partners, have helped  thousands of refugees. Together, they sent a strong message of thanks for all the Romanians helping Ukrainian refugees. They also talked about important issues Aluziva is advocating for in Romania and how EU institutions might support her social causes. 

Environment & Rule of Law

Two important victories in this plenary session.

  1.  All anti-deforestation files passed! 
  2. Viktor Orban’s Hungary is no longer considered a democracy. 

Why is this good news for us, citizens of the EU?

‘’Deforestation is one of the most damaging practices for our planet! We need to fight for a green future, it is our duty as politicians to protect the environment and stop the current climate crisis.’’ says Vlad Gheorghe. 

‘’Citizens need and they support the rule of law. That is the only way towards individual freedom and economic prosperity. Orban’s government has systematically violated human rights and undermined democracy for Hungarians. It was high time we write black on white that the Orban regime is on the wrong track, attacking its own citizens’ freedoms, fraternizing with Putin and putting at risk the best interest of the country.’’ stressed the Renew MEP.