I am Romanian and I want a better Romania for my children, in a prosperous, peaceful and united Europe. I am a husband, father, citizen, lawyer and I entered politics to contribute through my work and skills the change for the better that we all want.


I want my country to be run by competent professionals, with no ties to the communist regime or the „Securitate” (communist secret police used for political oppression) and their successors in the FSN (National Salvation Front party under Iliescu ruling) and the services.

Until the parties that have lied and stolen Romania for over 30 years while rotating between themselves the ruling of the government will not disappear, Romania will not be respected on the European and international level, and Romanians will continue to do badly in the country and seek their luck abroad.

I will continue to fight in the European Parliament and in Romanian politics for our forests, for saving areas and protected species, for clean air and water, for the rights of Romanians in the country and those living abroad, for a larger budget allocated to Romania and the anti-corruption fight , for infrastructure, transparency, for spending the money of Romanian citizens and honest people from the entire European Union and for the confiscation of unjustified wealth built from corruption.


I am a member of the European Parliament in the Renew Europe Group since November 2020, a member of USR since 2016.

  • Member of the Budget Committee (BUDG)
  • Member of the Committee on Petitions (PETI)
  • Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Commission (D-RS).
  • Substitute member in the Committee for Transport and Tourism (TRAN)
  • Alternate Member of the Commission of Inquiry to Examine the Use of Pegasus and Other Equivalent Spyware (PEGA)
  • Substitute member in the Special Commission for the fight against cancer (BECA)
  • Substitute member in the Delegation to the EU-Albania Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Commission (D-AL).


Not everything can be accounted for in numbers. However, as in any other job, there are performance criteria. My role is to fight in the European Parliament using all the tools of an MEP to achieve changes for the better for European citizens.

Some of the figures that testify to the efforts made in these three years:

  • More than 100 speeches in the plenary of the European Parliament and in the Committees
  • More than 100 European Parliament resolutions initiated and co-signed
  • Over 100 official letters and questions addressed to European institutions
  • More than 20 reports and opinions within the specialized Commissions
  • Over 500 inquiries and questions addressed to the Romanian authorities
  • More than 40 reports and criminal complaints filed in my own name
  • More than 1000 news generated in local, national and European press


  • I took over the mandate as a member of the European Parliament in November 2020 and for three years I made the voice of Romanians heard in the European Parliament.
  • I brought to Brussels the truck drivers who feed Europe and the environmental activists who save Romania’s forests.
  • I negotiated support for Romania in Schengen and obtained a resolution overwhelmingly voted in the European Parliament.
  • I initiated the European Green Prosecutor – the DNA of Forests at EU level.
  • I brought colleagues from other European countries to see the disaster in our mountains and help us save the forests.
  • I put constant pressure on the authorities in the country to respect the law and the Romanian citizens, and together with my colleagues from the Romanian Parliament, I wrote the draft law that provides for the cancellation of fines received abusively by Romanians for not completing the PLF.


  • I have correctly and constantly informed Romanians about what is happening in Bucharest and Brussels and have become a reliable source for the media in the country and in the EU.
  • I worked to make the activity and budget of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and the European anti-corruption legislation a priority.
  • I supported the case of the Republic of Moldova in relations with the European Union and its European path through all the ways available to me as a member of the European Parliament.
  • I initiated and supported the confiscation of assets and the reconstruction of Ukraine with Russian money, not Romanians and other European citizens.
  • I created the United for Ukraine group from the first day of the war because I believe that my Romania consists of People who help People.


I believe in a Romania without theft and without penal criminals in public positions, I believe in an United Europe which is safe, protected from the attacks of external and internal enemies, dictators, populists and manipulative extremists who only want to divide us so that they can gain power.

Romania deserves us fighting for it!

We are stronger together and that’s the only way we can continue. To be healthy, to be able to work for ourselves and our children.

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