The reconstruction of Ukraine, financed by sanctions on Russia, would be a minimal act of reparation for the crimes and atrocities committed by Russian soldiers against Ukrainian civilians.

The budget for 2023 is being discussed in the Parliament of the European Union. MEP Vlad Gheorghe brought up the subject of the war in Ukraine and proposed the creation of a Reconstruction Fund for it at European level. In his opinion, the attacker is the one who has to pay.

Strasbourg: European Union Budget for 2023 – Speech by MEP Renew Vlad Gheorghe (05.04.2022).

We cannot talk about the Union’s budget without rebuilding Ukraine. The aftermath of the war does not stop at our borders, but affects us all.

After 40 days of massacres and destruction in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, I hope we all agree: perpetrators must pay! That is why I proposed the creation of an EU Fund for the Rebuilding of Ukraine, financed by a Commission that can freeze and seize the assets of the Putin regime and the Russian oligarchs.

Please support this fund. Let us also urgently take the necessary measures to ensure our TOTAL energetic independence, food autonomy and the security of our citizens. This is how we strengthen the EU’s Green Deal, objectives on transport, health and education infrastructure. This is the way to strengthen justice and the rule of law in ALL Member States.

The EU budget must contain additional support for Moldova, Romania and all countries that receive and integrate Ukrainian citizens on their territory.

Thank you.

Reconstruction of Ukraine financed by sanctions on Russia

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