Strasbourg: An EU ban on the use of wild animals in circuses (debate) – Speech by MEP Renew Vlad Gheorghe (16.12.2021)

The European Union cannot be credible as a leader in environmental protection without giving wildlife a dignified existence. Who would believe we’re fighting for the rights of the vulnerable if we do not stand up for those who cannot defend themselves?

In captivity, wild animals are used for profit only, with no educational or cultural added value. And poor control over the health of endangered species undermines conservation efforts. The quality of life of wild animals in circuses is always severely compromised. Images of bears or tigers circling even after being rescued from their cages are always hard to watch.

The presence of wild animals in circuses favors environmental crimes we pledged to combat, while posing a serious risk to public health and the actual safety of employees and the public. 23 member states have already partly or entirely banned wildlife in circuses and I am proud that together with my colleagues from USR I contributed to this in Bucharest and Romania. It is time for the Union to take the necessary measures to enforce this ban throughout its territory.

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