Decent working and employment conditions in the aviation sector – Effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the aviation sector (debate) – Transport and Tourism – Key Areas for the EU Economy.

Transport and tourism are key areas for the European Union’s economy. The aviation sector makes a major contribution to the recovery of business in all Member States. We cannot conceive of an economic recovery without affordable, regular and safe flights across the Union.

The pandemic has affected air transport in EU countries differently. Those companies with previous problems Covid19, with poor management, inefficient had to be saved from bankruptcy. With them, the Union has saved thousands of jobs affected by travel restrictions.

But our goal now is not only to recover the EU economy, but also resilience – to be better prepared for the next crisis. Corruption is often based on poor management of airlines and airport infrastructure. We need to help airlines overcome their structural problems.

We need to work better together and provide predictable, uniform travel conditions. We need to cut red tape and expand the Schengen area. We need to support fair competition, provide stable jobs and guarantee the rights of travelers.

We have a duty to take all these measures to return the aviation sector: only through investments will we not achieve resilience. I would appreciate the Commission’s position in that regard, thank you.


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