Preparation of an EU vaccination strategy against COVID-19, including its external dimension (debate) – Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech on the power of EU pandemic solidarity (16.12.2020). The point of view of the MEP Vlad Gheorghe underlines the importance and power of the solidarity of the EU states, especially in this complicated period.

Madam President, the COVID-19 pandemic has put us to a difficult test. At the same time, it reminded us of what the European Union really means. It means the power that comes from solidarity. It means the power of “together.”

The vaccine that will save millions of lives is the best proof of cooperation between Member States and the European institutions. Its distribution will be the best proof of what the European Union does for every citizen.

Now, more than ever, Europeans need to trust the common construction. Therefore, we suggested additional measures to secure vaccine doses to combat and prevent criminal activity. Together with my colleagues, I requested a joint communication plan.

It is essential that the correct and complete information about the vaccine reaches every European citizen. It is our responsibility to address legitimate concerns from the outset. We need every citizen, alongside the European Union, to rebuild together.

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