Saving the summer tourism season – EU support to the hospitality sector (debate) –  Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech regarding saving the summer tourism season (27.04.2021).

The point of view of the MEP Vlad Gheorghe starts from the premise that tourism is closely related to infrastructure. And support measures must be sustainable and pursue more than short-term results.

Millions of employees and thousands of small businesses need the Union’s help to survive the pandemic. Our support for the hospitality industry must take into account the link between tourism and transport. We can use this crisis for an integrated perspective on European tourism.

Studies show that transport efficiency would mean an intake of almost 6 billion euros, increased mobility for European citizens and better connections between Member States. It would also lead to a lower impact on the environment and a more competitive position of the Union globally.

I come from a country with a poor infrastructure, but with places of great beauty, which European tourists deserve to enjoy safely. The immediate priority is the 2021 summer season, but the measures must bring results not only on short term, but generate sustainable tourism for future generations.

Promoting rural destinations and local initiatives, capitalizing on ecological heritage, investing in infrastructure are essential for the recovery of European tourism.

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