[video] We demand the protection of activists, journalists and honest foresters

Brussels: Committee on Petitions - Petition no. 1056/2021 of Daniel Bodnar on the protection of whistleblowers and journalists reporting forestry crimes in Romania (in the presence of the petitioner via remote connection) - Renew Vlad Gheorghe MEP (08.11.2021). Thank you for accepting my request for an urgency procedure on the petition on violence against journalists, [...]

SatCen – Satellites that can help us fight environmental crimes

Working visit to SatCen - Satellites that can help us in the fight against environmental crimes On October 29, 2021, a working visit to SatCen by MEP Vlad Gheorghe took place. He was greeted by Sorin Ducaru, Director of SatCen together with a team of specialized staff. They gave the deputy an overview of the [...]

Romania, suffocated by garbage

Romania, suffocated by garbage. We import 7 times more waste than in previous years. This year, 7 times more waste arrived in Romania than in 2020, according to the data received from the Coast Guard, respectively from the Constanța Environmental Guard. It is about non-compliant waste, discovered by the authorities in both river and sea [...]

Interpellations Authorities: non-compliant waste containers

Waste transfer is allowed in all European countries, but only for recovery. In Romania, both the local and the national press have recently reported that hundreds of waste containers have arrived in the country both by river and by road. As a consequence, Romania has reached an alarming level of accumulated waste. These waste containers [...]

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Possible European mission to Romania on waste

Possible European mission to Romania on waste Recycling in Romania Romania has a very low recycling rate for municipal waste. Only 14%, 7% material recycling and 7% composting still relies overwhelmingly on landfill. The Waste Management Framework Directive requires EU countries to reach certain waste recycling targets - 50% by 2020, 55% by 2025, 60% [...]