Russian Vaccine under scrutiny by EU

Russian Sputnik V vaccine under scrutiny by European institutions. European Commission and European Medicines Agency, new reviews. Following the announcement of the differences between the batches of Russian Sputnik V vaccine delivered to Slovakia and those examined by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), USRPLUS MEP Vlad Gheorghe has called on the European institutions to intervene [...]

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Travel restrictions and vaccination certificate in 2022

Huge losses for tourism in the EU. Last year, due to the pandemic, Member States witnessed huge losses in tourism. This was different from one Member state to another. For instance, we saw a 48% drop in international arrivals in Austria, while for Cyprus it was 84%. What is even more tragic is that up [...]

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EU measures preventing vaccine fraud

We have to take all the necessary measures to prevent fraud related to Covid-19! It is the main message sent by the MEP Vlad Gheorghe to the representatives of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council. EU Measures Preventing Vaccine Fraud In a letter, the USR-PLUS MEP calls for a rapid action on one of [...]

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Transparency for Covid-19 vaccine contracts

The MEP Vlad Gheorghe and his colleagues from USR PLUS want Transparency for Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts. They demand that the European Commission open all vaccines-supply contracts it has signed with pharmaceutical companies for public scrutiny. Gheorghe is asking the relevant articles from the CureVac accord to be declassified. And also the others vaccines-supply contracts to [...]

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[video] The power of EU pandemic solidarity

Preparation of an EU vaccination strategy against COVID-19, including its external dimension (debate) - Renew Vlad Gheorghe's European Parliament speech on the power of EU pandemic solidarity (16.12.2020). The point of view of the MEP Vlad Gheorghe underlines the importance and power of the solidarity of the EU states, especially in this complicated period. Madam [...]

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