Moldova’s future is in the European Union

Republic of Moldova and the European Union Because he thinks Moldova's future is in the European Union, MEP Vlad Gheorghe went today, 26.06.2021, across the Prut river for an open dialogue with teachers from three schools on the possible partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, combating fake news and giving children [...]

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European Money: romania’s chance for development

European Parliament adopted the InvestEU Programme, the one that supports strategic and innovator investments and guarantees access to finance. InvestEU is going to help companies from EU Member States that want to invest in different fields. The programme aims to simplify the access to funds throw the European Bank for Investments. InvestEU aims to generate [...]

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More EU money for Romania

More EU Money for Romania - an extra 7,5 billion euros from European Union! A proposal that is in debate of European Parliament could bring Romania this money, through Brexit Adjustment Reserve. This is the instrument made for helping Member States to handle in a better way the economic implications of Brexit. The proposal was [...]

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