Romania receives money for health and energy

483.8 million euros were approved for Romania by the European Commission, under the REACT-EU mechanism. From this amount, projects will be financed within the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (LIOP). 283, 8 million are, in the context of COVID, for the endowment of hospitals, social centers and schools.  200 million euros will be used to increase [...]

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[video] Transport and Tourism: key areas for the EU economy

Decent working and employment conditions in the aviation sector - Effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the aviation sector (debate) - Transport and Tourism - Key Areas for the EU Economy. Transport and tourism are key areas for the European Union's economy. The aviation sector makes a major contribution to the recovery of business in [...]

Digital Europe Programme: green light from EU

Digital Europe Programme: Green Light from EU The European Union Programme (The Digital Europe Programme - DIGITAL) that promotes the new technologies was adopted today by the European Union Council. Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are among the key areas that will be financed by EU, MEP Vlad Gheorghe announced on his Facebook account. He explained [...]

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European Parliament adopted the recovery and resilience plan

The European Parliament adopted the Recovery and Resilience Plan. The historic vote provides the mechanism that will help the states in the European Union to recover from the pandemic caused by Covid-19.  The instrument puts forward over 670 billion euros for reforms and investments.  Member states need to present those in a comprehensive national plan. [...]

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The post-pandemic tourism recovery

Romania and Cyprus are the most affected countries in European Union by the fall of tourism! The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge hit to the intern tourism but also to the international one. This is by far the worst crisis that international tourism has faced since records began. The consequences are various, with millions [...]

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