Romanians “adopt” Ukrainian families for Easter

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on 24 February, more than 700.000 Ukrainian citizens have come to Romania. Although our country has mainly been a transit country, more than 80. 000 Ukrainians have chosen to stay in Romania. Romanians have received them for free in their homes, in refugee centers ran by local authorities [...]

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[video] Reconstruction of Ukraine financed by sanctions on Russia

The reconstruction of Ukraine, financed by sanctions on Russia, would be a minimal act of reparation for the crimes and atrocities committed by Russian soldiers against Ukrainian civilians. The budget for 2023 is being discussed in the Parliament of the European Union. MEP Vlad Gheorghe brought up the subject of the war in Ukraine and [...]

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Illegal road transport of people from Iasi International Airport

Illegal road transport in Iasi According to multiple complaints from citizens, illegal road transport of people is carried out from Iasi International Airport. People without a transport license, qualifications and authorizations are making flights to Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) in exchange of money. The price is 20 euros. All this is happening under the watchful [...]

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Public institutions – accommodations for Ukrainians

Sin400.000 Ukrainian refugees in Romania Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 2.5 million people have fled the country. United Nations estimates a minimum of 4 million people with refugee status in the upcoming period. According to official figures, more than 400.000 people have arrived in Romania from Ukraine since the [...]

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European Parliament: Fund for the Reconstruction of Ukraine

Human casualties, but also material damage and economic consequences Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has killed not only the military and civilians but also caused an unprecedented wave of property damage. The economic and infrastructure consequences in the neighboring country will worsen as the attack by Russian troops intensifies. Reconstruction Fund for Ukraine USR MEP [...]

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Romanians in solidarity with Ukrainians – thousands of free accommodation offers

UNITED FOR UKRAINE USR MEP Vlad Gheorghe has set up a public group for volunteers who want to help Ukrainians fleeing war. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine yesterday morning, Romania's borders with Ukraine are full of people looking for security. And the Romanians did not hesitate to come to their aid. [...]

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Humanitarian aid and facilities for Ukrainian refugees

The imminence of a Russian invasion of Ukraine worries and worries the whole of Europe. Romania, as a neighboring state, fears for Ukraine's sovereignty and is alarmed by the geopolitical games in the region that involve it without a doubt. Beyond that, however, in such situations people are the ones who suffer the most and [...]

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