Abuse of service – Caraș-Severin Forestry Directorate

Abuse of service and Embezzlement in Romania's agency for Forestry USR MEP Vlad Gheorghe has filed a complaint today at the National Anticorruption Directorate against Romsilva - Caras-Severin Forestry Directorate represented by director Ion Tabugan and Nera Forestry represented by chief Andronache Marcel for committing several corruption offences under the Criminal Code in conjunction [...]

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Romania risks losing billions in EU funds for environment

Romania risks losing billions in EU funds for environment USR MEP Vlad Gheorghe warns that Romania could lose significant amounts of EU funds available for the environment between 2023 and 2027. In short, in the proposal for Payments for Forest-Environment and Climate Commitments in the CAP National Strategic Plan 2023-2027 the government has allocated [...]

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[video] No wild animals at the circus

Strasbourg: An EU ban on the use of wild animals in circuses (debate) - Speech by MEP Renew Vlad Gheorghe (16.12.2021) The European Union cannot be credible as a leader in environmental protection without giving wildlife a dignified existence. Who would believe we're fighting for the rights of the vulnerable if we do not stand [...]

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Interpellations Authorities: Comorova Forest

COMOROVA Forest - Constanţa County is removed from the forest regime by a decision of the Mangalia Local Council and then alienated and deforested. In order to understand how all this happened and if anything can be saved, I sent a series of interpellations to the responsible authorities. The information and answers received are detailed [...]

Interpellations Authorities: non-compliant waste containers

Waste transfer is allowed in all European countries, but only for recovery. In Romania, both the local and the national press have recently reported that hundreds of waste containers have arrived in the country both by river and by road. As a consequence, Romania has reached an alarming level of accumulated waste. These waste containers [...]

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Interpellations Authorities: The case of Arthur the Bear

The case of the bear Arthur is not unique in Romania. That is why we need to understand which laws protect biodiversity, which institutions are obliged to ensure compliance with them and how we can each act to help protect the environment - for us and future generations. Following the appearance in the public space [...]

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Interpellations Authorities: deforestation in the Snagov Forest Reserve

Interpellations Authorities: Deforestation in the Snagov Forest Reserve Illegal logging must not go unpunished. By understanding the laws that protect forests and the institutions that are obliged to ensure their observance, each of us can act and contribute to protecting the environment - for us and for our children. Snagov Forest Reserve In the second [...]

EU money for better water quality

Over 357 million euros - EU money for better water quality in Romania! Specifically, the European Commission approved two important investments for Satu Mare and Brăila counties. They aim to expand and modernize water and wastewater treatment systems. The projects will supply good-quality drinking water, reduce sewage leaks and improve wastewater services. They will also [...]