MEP Vlad Gheorghe announces that he is analyzing how several Romanians that have already received sentences in Romania managed to find their way out in Italy. Some of them have been discharged from criminal conviction. Others went in Italy knowing the legislation has permissive conditions for renditions.

Strengthening the European Arrest Warrant

”The phenomenon is not singular and we have to put a stop to it. First, I will address to the Italian state and to Eurojust agency to find out what is behind this stories. In addition to that, we need to discover if there are other countries where Romanians with convictions could benefit of legislative breaches to help them not to serve their sentences in Romanian prisons”, explains the MEP.

Lately, several persons convicted or investigated in Romania have surrendered in Italy. In order to benefit from the more favorable criminal law in this country. This is the case of the businessman Dragos Savulescu, sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison. A similar case is the one of the former head of DIICOT Alina Bica: the Italian courts refused to extradite to Romania.

In the case of Dragoș Savulescu, the Italian justice already rejected the European warrant issued by Bucharest Court of Appeal.

At the beginning of the year, the Minister of Justice discussed about this topic with the Italian ambassador in Romania. Furthermore, Stelian Ion announced he also wants to debate the topic with his Italian counterpart. Strengthening the European Arrest Warrant is clearly a necessity.