2021 must be the year of our lives getting back to normal. This means having the possibility to travel, including abroad. This was the main topic discussed by MEP Vlad Gheorghe and His Excellency, Mister David Saranga, Ambassador of Israel in Romania., because safe tourism means strong economies.

”It’s important to focus on tourism and HORECA industry, two sectors that have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Israel is the global leader in Covid vaccinations and Romania is on the third place in Europe. Our citizens have the right to invest, to travel, to support the economies of their countries. In conclusion, to support all of us. This mean we have the duty to assure the necessary infrastructure”, explained Vlad Gheorghe.

As a substitute member in Committee on Transport and Tourism in European Parliament, Vlad Gheorghe proposed several amendments supporting the citizens’ mobility on EU territory and outside Europe.

”I’m going to continue promoting and supporting any measure that could help Romanians to recover from this pandemic”, said the member of USR PLUS.

During the meeting, Vlad Gheorghe and David Saranga discussed about the solutions that could lead to having more citizens of Israel visiting Romania. In the recent years, Romania has been a favorite destination for them. In 2019, over 234.000 tourists came from Israel to Romania in vacation or for shopping. The fact that in the next 2 months Israel will have 75% of the population vaccinated is a significant aspect.

In the same time, Israeli companies have a history investing in Romania. And a large number of Romanians are trusted employees in Israel. Our countries are united by a historic liaison and their collaboration is excellent.