USR MEP Vlad Gheorghe has set up a public group for volunteers who want to help Ukrainians fleeing war. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine yesterday morning, Romania’s borders with Ukraine are full of people looking for security. And the Romanians did not hesitate to come to their aid. On the group UNIȚI PENTRU UCRAINA – Єдині за Україну – United for Ukraine there are currently about 40,000 members, and their number is growing every second.

They all mobilized to support the Ukrainians entering Romania these days. There are over 3000 free accommodation offers all over the country and even in the diaspora. Romanians also offer to donate food, clothes, products strictly necessary to those who leave their homes behind and agony. There are many offers of road transport – both from Ukraine to the border and in Romania. There are even Romanians who offer to pay for plane tickets for Ukrainians who want to continue their journey to other European countries, where they have relatives or friends who can accommodate them. The group created by the Romanian MEP also includes offers from foreign citizens living in Romania who want to help. There are also dozens of offers from legal entities, either NGOs or companies, pensions and restaurants that make their own resources available to support Ukrainian refugees.


“It’s an impressive show of solidarity! Romanians are still proving that they know how to be people for people. The speed and generosity shown by tens of thousands of people in just a few hours since the first Russian bombing of the neighboring country is exceptional “, considers Vlad Gheorghe.

“Together with my colleagues from the Renew Europe group, I called for the most drastic sanctions for Russia and Vladimir Putin, but beyond being members of the European Parliament, we are also human beings, we have families, so we could not stand aside and create this group “, explains the USR MEP.

“As much as the solidarity of ordinary people is to be appreciated, the organization that is missing from the Romanian state is to be condemned. Unfortunately, even in these moments of crisis on our borders, the PSD-PNL-UDMR government shows indifference and incompetence. No refugee reception points are organized. The only ones who greet the Ukrainians at the border are the volunteers. It is intolerable for a NATO and EU member state to be so unprepared for an obvious humanitarian tragedy, more than 24 hours after the first armed attack just a few hundred kilometers from Romania “, considers the USR MEP Vlad Gheorghe.