14 years has passed since Romania joined the European Union. Romanians deserve important roles in the European Institutions. But there is still an obvious under-representation of Romanians in the management positions.

It is a fact that most of the countries that joined the European Union after 2004 continue to be strongly under-represented in the staff and management of European institutions in general. In the case of the Commission, there is not a single Romanian national occupying a senior management position of Director-General, while the presence of Romanian nationals in other management functions is also very low.

”Romanians have to represent the country in European institutions in a number as large as possible. We really have highly qualified specialists and they can represent us, Europeans, successfully.

The situation is unacceptable. Especially given the fact that Romania is the sixth country of the European Union in terms of population size. It is in the same time about efficiency and representation.

These are the reasons we asked today to the president of European Commission and the High Representative of European Union for Foreign Affairs to take all necessary measures to address geographical representation at senior levels and at all other grades and positions”, explained the MEP Vlad Gheorghe.

The demanding was initiated by the USR PLUS MEPs Alin Mituța and Dragoș Tudorache. Vlad Gheorghe joined the endeavor, together with other 30 Romanian MEPs from all political groups.

”It is important to be united when it comes Romania and our conational”, has concluded Vlad Gheorghe.

Important to know: the Council Decision regarding organization and functioning of the European External Action Service establishes that ”the recruitment should be based on merit whilst ensuring adequate geographical and gender balance. The staff should comprise a meaningful presence of nationals from all the Member States”.