Strasbourg: Insurance of motor vehicles (debate) – Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech (21.10.2021).

We have many bold goals by 2050. Among them, zero carbon emissions and zero car victims.

Safety on European roads and reducing pollution depend on a set of measures meant to bring us closer to these targets. They directly concern the motorized vehicles and those who use them.

Too often we forget that even the best-intentions affect European citizens differently. And it is the most vulnerable who pay the highest price.

In 2021, having a car is NOT a luxury, but a necessity. To be able to get to work, to take your children to school, go to the hospital – these are not necessities, but European rights. Public transport infrastructure may be better or worse, but it does not serve all citizens in any Member State. So Europeans still need cars, motorcycles, vehicles to get around.

The aim is to do so safely and with less pollution, respecting national and European rules. It is our duty and that of governments to give them all the tools they need in order to do so.

Not only gas and electricity prices have risen across Europe, but also the price of petrol and diesel. Compulsory insurance premiums have risen – and will continue to rise.

What we need to do is intervene in support of citizens. Let’s make sure they are protected on European roads, regardless of the country. To support the poorest to have quick and easy access to work, education, and health care.

Let’s make sure that carriers can deliver food and medicine safely, without loading them with additional burdens.

Let’s make sure that accident victims are compensated quickly and adequately, and that insurance companies comply with the law. It is our duty to see that these companies do their job at a fair price, do not create oligopolies, do not use tax artifices to escape responsibility while keeping the profits.

ALL European citizens have the right to be safe on EU roads and breathe cleaner air. It is our duty to ensure that in no Member State are these rights violated or too expensively paid.

Thank you.

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