More EU Money for Romania – an extra 7,5 billion euros from European Union! A proposal that is in debate of European Parliament could bring Romania this money, through Brexit Adjustment Reserve. This is the instrument made for helping Member States to handle in a better way the economic implications of Brexit.

The proposal was made by the RENEW EUROPE rapporteur. Basically, the way funds are allocated is going to be changed and that means that the amount of money for every Member states will be different. Romania was planned to receive 25,8 billions, but now, at this amount, will add up 7,6 billions euro.

Because Brexit was the reason for many Romanians to return home, I’ve underlined that Brexit Adjustment Reserve needs to help social and economic reintegration of Europeans willing to come back from the UK to their home countries. I can cite the example of Romanians who count more than half a million of the UK population. Many of them might decide to come back now, after Brexit” announced the MEP Vlad Gheorghe in a press release.

”I pointed out that Brexit Adjustment Reserve could be applied to compensate for the discriminatory conditions the UK applies to seasonal agricultural workers from several Member States. Work visa prices are higher for Bulgarians and Romanians for example.

In addition, migrant workers now have to undergo much more complicated and expensive administrative procedure to get seasonal employment in the UK. Here again, BAR needs to be used to compensate workers for this additional burden”, Gheorghe explained.

The final draft of Brexit Adjustment Reserve is going to be ready in mid April. Following that, to be voted in Plenary in June 2021.