European Parliament adopted the InvestEU Programme, the one that supports strategic and innovator investments and guarantees access to finance.

InvestEU is going to help companies from EU Member States that want to invest in different fields. The programme aims to simplify the access to funds throw the European Bank for Investments. InvestEU aims to generate around €400 billion in additional investments in the next seven years.

”Covid pandemic spotlighted the investment gaps in our strategic sectors. It made clear that we need to build autonomy at home. Critical infrastructure should be the first priority for each Member State.

By investing today in our hospitals, pharmaceutical production, safe and secure roads, sustainable energy, we shall prevent fatalities and avoid heavy social security costs”, MEP Vlad Gheorghe announced on his Facebook account.

The funds will go to several domains:

📌 Sustainable infrastructure: approximately 38%;
📌 Research, innovation and digitalization: 25%;
📌 Small and medium enterprises: approximately 26%;
📌 Social investments and abilities: approximately 11%;

On the occasion of the adoption of the project, Vlad Gheorghe sent a message to his colleagues in the European Parliament:

”As a tool for strategic autonomy, InvestEU will make the EU less dependent on foreign providers. The EU should never negotiate with third countries from the position of need.

Energy autonomy is just one example. It’s unfair to justify projects as Nord Stream 2 just by the need of energy resources, while inside the Union we have all it takes to produce extra energy.

I see InvestEU as a strategic tool to make sure all the infrastructure investments within the EU are done in accordance with the EU values. And as MEPs we shall be following closely the compliance of values in investment practices.”

During his speech, Vlad Gheorghe underlined the necessity of having strong and performant national development institutions in order to maximize the added value of InvestEU.