In June 2021, the US administration announced the imposition of sanctions on three Bulgarian citizens and their networks. The reason was that they were involved in acts of corruption. According to US administration, corruption poses a risk to the rule of law, economic growth, democratic institutions and human rights.

This gives much thought to the consequences of such US sanctions on the EU’s approaches to democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Strasbourg: Sanctions imposed by the United States and the rule of law (debate) – Renew Vlad Gheorghe, Member of the European Parliament (16.09.2021).

Madam President, instead of analyzing the measures of our strategic partner, let’s focus on the real problem: corruption.

Which country would like to work with corrupt Europeans? Of course, the United States has its own reasons. But we must understand that we will not achieve anything without eradicating corruption in all Member States. Corruption weakens us both domestically and internationally.

I am glad that yesterday President von der Leyen emphasized what I and my colleagues in Renew and all groups were saying: monitoring the rule of law must have precise indications and results, and corruption is a major obstacle.

The time for speeches is over, our citizens want deeds. There are Member States that still have CVM, such as Romania, others reject the jurisdiction of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, such as Hungary, and the rule of law.

Unitary anti-corruption rules are needed. Without concrete things, such as unitary anti-corruption rules throughout the European Union, we will not be able to truly fight corruption.

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