Over 357 million euros – EU money for better water quality in Romania! Specifically, the European Commission approved two important investments for Satu Mare and Brăila counties. They aim to expand and modernize water and wastewater treatment systems.

The projects will supply good-quality drinking water, reduce sewage leaks and improve wastewater services. They will also boost the local socio-economic development.

In addition, with the modernization of water systems, consumers will be able to confidently drink tap water. This will reduce the waste produced by the use of water in plastic bottles.

”The project has major implications for citizens, but in the same time for the environment. Any action matters and we have the duty to get involved and do something”, explains MEP Vlad Gheorghe.

The water distribution network in Satu Mare county will be extended by 260 km and the wastewater network by 450 km. Old pipes will be replaced, and new wells, treatment plants, pumping stations and storage tanks will be built.

”EU Cohesion policy is also about protecting and improving the quality of the most valuable good we have: water. An expanded and modernized water and wastewater infrastructure will improve access to water, reduce soil and water pollution and help protect biodiversity.

By improving the security of water and contributing to a healthier population and environment, these projects will improve local population’s living conditions”, said the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira.

In 2020, a Recorder investigation showed that in Romania over 800 communes have undrinkable water, but people that live there are not aware of the situation. The journalists presented data that showed exceedance of the maximum levels of nitrites, ammonium and feces.