We have to take all the necessary measures to prevent fraud related to Covid-19! It is the main message sent by the MEP Vlad Gheorghe to the representatives of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council.

EU Measures Preventing Vaccine Fraud

In a letter, the USR-PLUS MEP calls for a rapid action on one of the most pressing issues. It’s about the  propagation of fraud in distribution of COVID-19 vaccine.

”Unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic does not only come with a heavy economical and social cost. It is also used by criminal organizations for illicit gains through financial fraud, scam and fake products such as tests, drugs, medical devices, vaccines and foodstuffs.

These crimes have already hit the USA and the UK. These led them to adopt specific police measures to stop the spread of illicit trade and fraud related to COVID-19.

Similarly, EU citizens are at risk of becoming victims of counterfeit vaccines, financial fraud, fraud, manipulation and misinformation. The consequences can range from financial losses to the death of people vaccinated with counterfeit sera. Which would lead to the reluctance of citizens to be immunized and, therefore, to the failure of the vaccination campaign “, explained the MEP Vlad Gheorghe in the letter.”

He pointed out that the risk of fraud increases as demand for the vaccine increases. All the more so as it cannot be met quickly due to production and logistics challenges.

In conclusion, the USRPLUS MEP called on officials to introduce the subject in their analysis in order to establish a strategy in this direction and concrete EU measures preventing vaccine fraud.