Digital Europe Programme: Green Light from EU

The European Union Programme (The Digital Europe Programme – DIGITAL) that promotes the new technologies was adopted today by the European Union Council.

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are among the key areas that will be financed by EU, MEP Vlad Gheorghe announced on his Facebook account. He explained that the next step, after the vote in the EU Council, is to be adopted in  European Parliament.

”Digital Europe is also going to help Romanian companies, especially SMEs. They will benefit from the opportunities that comes along with digital transformation, to expand and to become competitive. A relevant aspect for Romania is that the Programme will ensure the decrease of digital gap”, the USR-PLUS MEP wrote on his Facebook account.

With an overall budget of €7.5 billion, it will shape and support the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy. The programme is available until 2027 and will boost investments in five key areas:

📌 supercomputing
📌 artificial intelligence
📌 cybersecurity
📌 advanced digital skills
📌 ensuring a wide use of digital technologies

Its goal is to improve Europe’s competitiveness in the global digital economy and achieve technological sovereignty.

Digital Europe will be complementary to a number of other programmes supporting the digital transformation, such as Horizon Europe. A programme which focuses on research and technological development, and the digital aspects of the Connecting Europe Facility.

In addition, under the new Recovery and Resilience Facility regulation, the national recovery and resilience plans have to allocate at least 20% of expenditure to the digital transition.