Just Transition Fund (debate) –  Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech on the proper implementation of the JTF resources (17.05.2021).

I am glad we achieved a common position on Just Transition Fund (JTF). At the same time, many would agree that the restriction on natural gas investments does not reflect the Parliament position. It was done without a realistic assessment of its effects on the ground and might even jeopardise the just transition goal.

JTF is primarily an instrument of solidarity. This means we need the finances to flow where they are most needed. Therefore, I invite the Commission to look very closely on the conditions on the ground.

In some regions, transition efforts must be rewarded with quality roads, high speed trains, affordable public transport. In other regions – with tourism and social infrastructure. In third regions – with district heating and better public services.

In many regions of the EU depopulation and poverty represent a very high risk and we need JTF to tackle it in a tailor-made way.

I would like the Commission to take very seriously the involvement of municipalities and cities in the implementation of the JTF resources. Regional and local authorities are our main allies in achieving green transition. Their participation in the Just Transition Platform must be as inclusive as possible. Let’s empower the authorities on the ground to guarantee the success of JTF!


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