European Money: romania’s chance for development

European Parliament adopted the InvestEU Programme, the one that supports strategic and innovator investments and guarantees access to finance. InvestEU is going to help companies from EU Member States that want to invest in different fields. The programme aims to simplify the access to funds throw the European Bank for Investments. InvestEU aims to generate [...]

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[video] InvestEU – innovation, research, new technologies

InvestEU Programme (debate) - Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech on investments required for the future of Europe (09.03.2021). The COVID pandemic spotlighted the investment gaps in our strategic sectors. It made clear that we need to build autonomy at home. Critical infrastructure should be the first priority for each Member State. By investing today [...]

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More EU money for Romania

More EU Money for Romania - an extra 7,5 billion euros from European Union! A proposal that is in debate of European Parliament could bring Romania this money, through Brexit Adjustment Reserve. This is the instrument made for helping Member States to handle in a better way the economic implications of Brexit. The proposal was [...]

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Safe tourism – strong economies

2021 must be the year of our lives getting back to normal. This means having the possibility to travel, including abroad. This was the main topic discussed by MEP Vlad Gheorghe and His Excellency, Mister David Saranga, Ambassador of Israel in Romania., because safe tourism means strong economies. ”It's important to focus on tourism and [...]

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European Parliament adopted the recovery and resilience plan

The European Parliament adopted the Recovery and Resilience Plan. The historic vote provides the mechanism that will help the states in the European Union to recover from the pandemic caused by Covid-19.  The instrument puts forward over 670 billion euros for reforms and investments.  Member states need to present those in a comprehensive national plan. [...]

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The post-pandemic tourism recovery

Romania and Cyprus are the most affected countries in European Union by the fall of tourism! The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge hit to the intern tourism but also to the international one. This is by far the worst crisis that international tourism has faced since records began. The consequences are various, with millions [...]

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