Letter to Commissioner Simson and Commissioner Timmermans on the state of energy emergency in Timisoara

State of energy emergency in Timișoara   To the attention of: Ms Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy Mr Frans Timmermans, Commissioner for the European Green Deal   Brussels, 27 October 2021   Dear Commissioner Simson, Dear Commissioner Timmermans,   I am reaching out to you regarding the alarming situation in Timișoara city in Romania, [...]

[video] EU parking safety resolution for truck drivers

EU parking safety resolution for truck drivers gets in the European Parliament. The initiative started from the case of the Romanian truck driver killed in France. The motion for a resolution on the safety of truck parks in the EU was voted on at a meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions (PETI) today. [...]

[video] Road safety and decent prices at RCA

Strasbourg: Insurance of motor vehicles (debate) - Renew Vlad Gheorghe's European Parliament speech (21.10.2021). We have many bold goals by 2050. Among them, zero carbon emissions and zero car victims. Safety on European roads and reducing pollution depend on a set of measures meant to bring us closer to these targets. They directly concern the [...]

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Romania receives money for health and energy

483.8 million euros were approved for Romania by the European Commission, under the REACT-EU mechanism. From this amount, projects will be financed within the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (LIOP). 283, 8 million are, in the context of COVID, for the endowment of hospitals, social centers and schools.  200 million euros will be used to increase [...]

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[video] Transport and Tourism: key areas for the EU economy

Decent working and employment conditions in the aviation sector - Effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the aviation sector (debate) - Transport and Tourism - Key Areas for the EU Economy. Transport and tourism are key areas for the European Union's economy. The aviation sector makes a major contribution to the recovery of business in [...]

[video] Environmental protection through an unitary mechanism

Environment: The Aarhus Regulation (debate) -  Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech on environmental protection through an unitary mechanism (19.05.2021). I welcome the revision of Aarhus regulation. I welcome it because to me, nature protection is a matter of justice. It’s a matter of the rule of law. And a matter of responsibility in front [...]

[video] Debate on the just transition fund

Just Transition Fund (debate) -  Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech on the proper implementation of the JTF resources (17.05.2021). I am glad we achieved a common position on Just Transition Fund (JTF). At the same time, many would agree that the restriction on natural gas investments does not reflect the Parliament position. It was [...]

[video] The future of European tourism

Saving the summer tourism season - EU support to the hospitality sector (debate) -  Renew Vlad Gheorghe’s European Parliament speech regarding saving the summer tourism season (27.04.2021). The point of view of the MEP Vlad Gheorghe starts from the premise that tourism is closely related to infrastructure. And support measures must be sustainable and pursue [...]

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Vaccination Certificate: supporting tourism

European Commission's proposal to have an vaccination certificate will be supporting tourism.  European certificate (The Digital Green Certificate) to attest vaccination, PCR test or natural development of antibodies against COVID-19 will facilitate safe free movement inside the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the point of view presented by the MEP Vlad Gheorghe and [...]

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Digital Europe Programme: green light from EU

Digital Europe Programme: Green Light from EU The European Union Programme (The Digital Europe Programme - DIGITAL) that promotes the new technologies was adopted today by the European Union Council. Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are among the key areas that will be financed by EU, MEP Vlad Gheorghe announced on his Facebook account. He explained [...]

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