MEP Vlad Gheorghe announces he is going to notify the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the august 10 case decision.

Gheorghe says he is extremely disappointed about the ruling taken by Bucharest Tribunal to class the file regarding the way the Gendarmerie intervened against Romanian citizens, while they were protesting peacefully.

In a post on Facebook, Vlad Gheorghe calls citizens to join him in notifying the European Court of Human Rights.

”It’s an unexplainable decision and I’m waiting for the reasoning. One thing I know for sure: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THIS FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!

You can contact me and my team at [vlad @ vladgheorghe . ro]. The more, the merrier. This way our proceedings is going to be stronger.

Once the reasoning is published, we will have a clear direction regarding this proceedings”, the USR-PLUS MEP explained.

Vlad Gheorghe announced that the proceedings is not going to cost any money for the citizens that want to be part of this, and their personal information will be used exclusively  for the procedures regarding August 10 file.

,,You must have faith that this is not over- the entire world has seen what Dragnea, Carmen Dan, Speranța Cliseru and the chiefs of Gendarmerie were capable of: to act against the peacefully citizens- children, women, elders, persons, like me, with their hands up over their heads – we all protested in a peaceful manner. The fight to protect the justice is not over and the persons that are guilty will pay! We have to be united and ask for justice to be made!” Vlad Gheorghe also wrote.

The protest organized in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square on August 10, 2018, ended violently after a brutal intervention of the Gendarmerie. They used tear gas and water cannons to clear the square, with peaceful protesters, journalists, and even tourists injured during their intervention.

Vlad Gheorghe is one of the victims of the violence recorded on August 10, 2018. Images that shows him with  hands up, while a gendar hits him with a stick have shocked an entire country.