7.5 millions for Romania – Brexit adjustment reserve

The Brexit Adjustment Reserve was designed to counterbalance the economic impact on Member States of the UK leaving the European Union. An amendment debated in the European Parliament could bring Romania more than €7.5 million EUR extra, announces USRPLUS MEP Vlad Gheorghe.

“This is a proposal from the rapporteur of our group, RENEW EUROPE, to change the allocation methodology. Implicitly also the amounts. The explanation is that Member States and the UK are economically connected at different levels and in different sectors. And the original deal did not reflect these differences fairly,” explains Gheorghe.

Initially set for 25.8 million EUR to Romania in 2018 calculation, the amount would increase to approximately 33.5. More precisely by €7.616.656. The total amount allocated through the Brexit Adjustment Reserve to the 27 countries is €5 billion in two tranches. The top three countries with the highest allocations would be, according to the proposal, Ireland, France and Germany. The Netherlands has been dropped from the second place to the fourth.

It is important that the Reserve gives countries full flexibility in the internal distribution of allocations, depending on the emergencies and priorities of each country, explains the USRPLUS MEP.

He called on the Commission to ensure that the amounts allocated really help the social and economic reintegration of Europeans willing to return from the UK to their countries of origin.

“Romanians make up more than half a million of the UK population. Like other nationalities, they may decide to return home after Brexit. Some have already returned. Member States’ economies need to be able to absorb this new workforce. This is why we have asked for confirmation that the Reserve can be used for reintegration into the labour market in the country of origin,” added Vlad Gheorghe.

The MEP also mentioned compensation for discriminatory conditions applied by the UK to seasonal agricultural workers. Work visa prices are higher for Bulgarians and Romanians than for other Member States, and EU money from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve should be able to compensate for this additional burden.

The final version of the Reserve will probably be decided at the European Parliament’s Budgets Committee meeting on 12 April. A vote in the EP plenary will then take place in June. The amounts calculated relate to compensation for losses on trade in goods and services (plus a ‘safety net’) and fishing in the UK’s exclusive economic zone (only a few Member States receive this allocation), plus a second tranche for goods and services, which Member States will not receive until 2024.

7.5 milioane de euro pentru România prin Rezerva de ajustare privind Brexit

7.5 million EUR for Romania through the Brexit Adjustment Reserve

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